Joerg Widmoser

Orchesterwerke Vol. 1




A new CD, titled “Wassermusik”,  of the MSQ will be published soon.


The Modern String quartet recorded its new CD with Charlie Mariano in Februrary. Later this year a collaboration with Klaus Doldinger ist planned.



Joerg Widmoser will give a lecture at Mark o´Connor’s ” Fiddlers Camp in San Diego” from August 11th to 18th.


Joerg Widmoser’s first orchestra works will be performed with the “Brandenburger Philharmonie”, a jazz-rhythm-section and Solo-Violin on 2002/02/02. From 3.-7.02.02 a jazz-violin workshop will take place there.

The workshop for jazz violin is held from 2002/04/12 to 2002/04/14.
Jazz on the violin and other string instruments, improvisation, repertoire, sound and many more topics are covered….

Rainer Glas
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Jazz Workshops
Südliche Stadtmauerstr. 35
D-91054 Erlangen.


The international Violin Summit 2002 will take place in Philadelphia, August, 31st, 2002.
Violin legend Claude Williams, John Blake and Joerg Widmoser will perform again as  “the three fiddlers”  … a spectacular event!