First public appearance
in concert with his original composition “Red Fever”

Member of the Hobsons Choice Blues Band

Member of the Munich based jazzgroup TAYO

Leader of his own group “UP”
production of 2 albums “UP – Inside” and “UP – Night Delight” (UMR 100,101)

Music award of Deutsche Phonoakademie for UP
Study Violin with Lynn Blakeslee at the Mozarteum (Salzburg)

Founded the Modern String Quartet
Joerg Widmoser – first violin
They are new dimension of string quartet. The first string quartet to play jazz and improvised music. Touring USA, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, awards and TV productions, 7 CDs recorded
The Modern String Quartet has become one of the leading international string quartets

Toured US in cooperation with Tony Williams, Woody Shaw, John Blake, Tyron Brown, Bob Dorough, Steve Rudolph, Barbara Dennerlein, Harvie Swartz, Joey de Francesco

UP wins competition “Newcomer music award of capital city Munich with the Modern String Quartet

Joerg Widmoser wins the first price in an international jazz violin competition in Stettin/Poland.
Tour with Overtone Chamber Quartet through Eastern Europe

The Reunion Band (a German-US cooperation with Tony Williams and Steve Rudolph) tours Germany and the US (LP Live in Munich, UMR 103).
Tour with “three voices” (Mercedes Sosa, Joan Baez, Konstantin Wecker)

Touring West Africa with the Modern String Quartet

Touring Israel – Maccabee Festival Tel-Aviv – Cyprus and Greece with the Modern String Quartet

With the Modern String Quartet in Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey

Founding of a Duo with Hajo Hoffmann (A Touch of Jazz Violins), production of 2 CDs.
Legendary concert at the Munich festival Klaviersommer 98

John McLaughlins Apokalypse is being performed again live on stage. Joerg Widmoser plays solo electric violin (originally by Jean Luc Ponty) together with guitarist Adam Rogers (New York) and the Dresdner Symphonics at a fantastically received open Air concert in Dresden.
With the Modern String Quartet celebrating Duke Ellingtons 100th birthday (Black, Brown and Beige). Helmut Danninger becomes the fifth member of the group. The stage director manages the scenic appearance of the quartet. Music and performance flow together.
Jazzviolin Summit in Philadelphia, PA. Joerg Widmoser appears together with the most renowned violinists John Blake and the legendary Claude Williams (now 91 years). It is the highlight at the jazzfestival Philadephia

JW performs as soloist on tour with the “Kammerorchester Schloss Werneck” and the Jazz Age Sextett. A CD with the tours slogan “Happy Birthday Duke” was recorded.

The MSQ performed at the “Berliner Festspiele”. They presented a program named “20th century composers”, an overview with compositions by Steve Reich, Phillip Glass and also compositions of members of the MSQ.
Several concerts took place at renowned Festivals as Bregenz, Burghausen and Rome.
Joerg Widmoser performed as soloist in NY’s Jazzclub “Dearhead Inn”, together with Phil Woods drummer Bill Goodwin.

Widmoser toured together with Hoffmann the “Niedersaechsische Musiktage” and the Lodz Festival, Poland.
The Modern String Quartet worked with Klaus Doldinger.
on 2002.2.2. two symphonic works, composed by Joerg Widmoser had their world premiere with the Brandenburger Symphoniker. JW played solo violin.
A CD was recordes in November 2002.
The Modern String Quartet worked with Charlie Mariano and recorded a CD.
In August JW held lectures for jazz violin at the famous “Fiddle Conference” organised by Mark O’Connor in San Diego/Kalifornien.
JW meets the best of american fiddlers – a number of great concerts were performed together.
In late August another violin summit took place with Claude “fiddler” Williams, John Blake und JW in Philadelphia.

„The German Jazz Violins“ on tour.
Project Modern String Quartet meets Luis Borda (Argentinien)
Stringsextet Modern String Quartet + Thomas Stabenow + Matt Glaser (professor for jazz violin at Berklee School of Music, Boston) f.i. appearing Rheingau Musik Festival

New CD and performance of the Modern String Quartet „Watermusic“.
4 centuries of music flow into the concept of the MSQ.
Foundateion of “Joerg Widmoser and Friends”. Joerg Widmoser is playing a Midi-Violine, besides the classic instrument.

Joerg Widmoser becomes a member of the world music formation “L´Òrchestre Europa” and does CD recordings and tours.
The MSQ tours Europe with its programme „Watermusic“.
Niedersächsische Musiktage with the programme „Krieg und Frieden“.
German tour with “Joerg Widmoser and Friends”.

Foundation of the “Joe Haider Double Quartet”. MSQ meets the “Joe Haider Jazzquartett” and performs a tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The CD „Mysterious“ (Double Moon Records 71051) is recorded.
Modern String Quartet at Styriate, together with four musicians from Iraque and the “Ensemble Sarband” the “Arabian Passion” is performed.

German tour with Joerg Widmoser and Friends.
With Sarband at the Orientfestival in Singapore.
With MSQ at Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival.

MSQ performs at Nordlysfestivalen in Norway, and at the Opera Nationale Bordeaux (Watermusic).
Cultural award of the city of Nuremberg for Orchestre Europa.
Touring Germany with Orchestre Europa.

CD „Celebrating Stephane Grappelli“ (Joerg Seidels Gypsy Jazz Connection).
With MSQ in Abu Dhabi (book award of Arabia)

Universal Quartet performs at the jazzfestival Eskilstuna (Sweden)
The Modern String Quartet records the Welltempered Klavier (J.S. Bach). New arrangement for string quartet by Joerg Widmoser.
Touring Spain and Ruhrtrienale with Sarband.

Concerts with the indian Percussionguru Vaidyanathan Suresh (Ghatam/southindia).
CD Production and tour with Billy Hart und Tied and Tickled Trio.
Passio-Compassio Modern String Quartet, Vocanima Köln
19.11. New York (USA), Lincoln Center, White Light Festival.

Universal Quartet performs at Beşiktaş summerfestival Istanbul (Turkey).
CD „J.S. Bach: The Welltempered Klavier“ arranged for string quartet by Joerg Widmoser.
Touring Germany with RADIO EUROPA. CD „live at the cinema“.
5th violinsummit Philadelphia (PA)

Sarah Kane production at Kammerspiele Municht, Berlin, Antwerpen and Breslau.
Modern String Quartet performs at Opera National de Bordeaux.
Project „Restlicht“ (Modern String Quartet+Werner Mally).
Festival Tonfolgen Sarband + Modern String Quartet.

Lux 40, synestetic concert project at Postpalast, Munich.
Choir Vox anima (40 voices) + Michael Lutzeier + Modern String Quartet.
Passio – Compassio Beethoven festival Bonn with Saraband.
RADIO EUROPA performes at Rheingaufestival, Kissinger summer and Athens (Greece) for the Goethe Institut.

CD „Formen“ Irmler-Oesterheld-Modern String Quartet
The Rest is Noise at Kammerspiele/Munich with Modern String Quartet
stringtrio with Hajo Hoffmann
Charlie Parker Project with Stefan Holstein

Tour with Passo Avanti Hongkong – Ho Chi Minh Stadt – Da Nang – Singapore
memorial concert for Hans Ruland, „Ellingtonmania“
Tour with Tess Gerritsen
Arabic Passion with Saraband
BR Production Ensemble for syncretic music

Concert at the conference „insanity – ecstasy, obsession, psychosis“
German Tour with RADIO EUROPA

Concerts with Ensemble for Synkretic Music
Album Modern String Quartet “The Rite of Swing”. Music by Igor Stravinsky and Duke Ellington. (UMR 137)
MSQ Europäische Wochen Passau
2nd Munich String Camp. International Workshop for jazz violin
Jazzfestival in Siena with Steve Rudolph (piano)
Moosbrand Literatur und Musikfest Stiftung Nantesbuch
Founding of Joerg Widmoser Trio (Joerg Widmoser as piano player)

CD The Music of Charlie Parker with Joerg Widmoser – Stephan Holstein Quintet (UMR 138)
CD redordings with Christian Mayer „Waldgeister“.

With Sarband in Zürich. MSQ performs Jazzfestival Munich.

MSQ Live Streaming Concert „Pictures of a new exhibition“. Mussorgsky goes Jazz.
MSQ performs Coltranes Masterpiece “A Love Supreme” for Stringquartet and Oud Trio in Bayreuth (Festival Summer of Love).
Joerg Widmoser performs “Elbkarawane for 5 paddle wheel steamer and orchestra” together with the Dresdner Sinfoniker.
MSQ receives the Reload scholarship for the project „D#tanzen – a public experiment“

Corona. Many concerts cancelled.
CD Like Standards Vol 1 (UMR 142) is produced with Leander Widmoser. (A Father – Son Dialogue) The CD is nominated for “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik”.
Album with Rocky Knauer Menkingen Highlights (Amayana).
CD recording MSQ „pictures of a new exhibition – framed in jazz“.
Tour with Axel Fischbacher/ Kammerphilharmonie Wuppertal „Five Birds and Strings“.

CD West Mount Airy with MY FAVORITE STRINGS (Joerg Widmoser, Jörg Seidl and Jean Louis Rassinfosse) is produced. Also nominated for “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik”.
With help of a project promotion of Deutscher Musikrat (Neustart Kultur)  the MSQ devellopes the new concept of “Antimusical”. MSQ plays „Festival 4“ , Pinakothek der Moderne (Munich). „Sacre du printemps“ for stringquartet and drums is performed at Munich schools.
Also with help of a project promotion of Deutscher Musikrat RADIO EUROPA devellopes „Secret Sounds and Hidden Treasures“. Workshops and Concerts at primary schools Nuremberg (Kulturrucksack).
Joerg Widmoser is Part of the “Ensemble for synkretic music”, concertseries La Bohème.
Tour with „The Music of Charlie Parker“ D/CH.

rehearsal period and Performance of „Warhol – a Antimusical“,  Gasteig Munich. SZ: „A masterpiece – this time the most comprehensive.“
Recordings for CD Like Standards Vol 2 (UMR 142) with Leander Widmoser. (A Father – Son Dialogue)

Anna Rehker becomes the new cellist in the Modern String Quartet. New projects of the MSQ: False Gods (Nibelungen Festival Worms, MSQ meets Voyager Quartet), Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater as an improvisational version, Pictures at an Exhibition, Candlelight Concerts, MSQ meets Andreas Rebers.
Study trip to Brazil.
Small tour of Germany with My Favorite Strings.
Munich Train Station Chapel: Joerg Widmoser plays the music of Hannes Beckmann.
CD release: Joerg Widmoser – Steve Rudolph Reunion Band “Live at San Fedele again” (UMR 146)

Joerg Widmoser is among the top ten jazz violinists worldwide.