Joerg Widmoser & Friends

MIDI violin – piano – bass – drums

Joerg Widmosers band was founded in 2003 and rapidly established itself as an innovative ensemble, always connected to the roots of jazz. JW is responsible for composition, arrangement and production of the project. The outstanding international renowned musicians (friends) allow the “Pat Metheny of the violin” (Philadelphia Inquirer) to explore the enormous possibilities of the MIDI violin to its full potential. After all, Joerg Widmoser is the only one in Germany, who is able to play this violin of the 21st century on a professional level.

Since rhythm itself always had an outstanding position in the music of JW, this particular inclination is evident throughout the compositions and the total concept. The never ending “rhythmaning” is the unifying point of every performance and remains with the aucience til the next time…..

„Beautiful individuality with an excellent taste….“ (Kresimir Debski)

„Beautiful individuality with an excellent taste….“
(Kresimir Debski)
“Never heard such a swingin violin, although he´s a white guy”
(Claude Williams)

Joerg Widmoser ­ violin
Andreas Gundlach ­ piano
Stefan Rademacher ­ bass
Walter Bittner ­ drums