The Music of Charlie Parker


“ The Music of Charlie Parker“

Joerg Widmoser violin
Stephan Holstein clarinet
Tizian Jost piano
Thomas Stabenow bass
Walter Bittner drums


A real opening night: An ecstatic celebration of Bebop unadulterated, accompanied by an inspiring violin, clarinet and piano trio.

The violinist Joerg Widmoser is known as a jazz soloist as well as a member of the “MSQ”. He has worked alongside with the clarinetist Stephan Holstein, whose projects in the last few years have focused on the jazz clarinet and its diverse possibilities. In their new formation both musicians have devoted themselves to the modernizer of jazz in the 1950s – Charlie Parker. Together with Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Max Roach and others Parker made such everlasting changes in jazz that from then on this Afro-American music has not only been regarded as being invigorating and full of vitality. It has also come to be seen as a treasure due to its high-grade creativity and artistic genius. Charlie Parker’s neck breaking improvisations as well as his highly demanding compositions made an imprint upon that then newly arising Bebop style of jazz. Today it is nearly impossible to play or imagine jazz without it being influenced in some way or other- even when indirectly- by Parker.

This holds true for both jazz individualists Widmoser and Holstein. They both enthusiastically celebrate the unique and timeless music of Charlie Parker when playing their sophisticated arrangements, virtuoso improvisations intertwined with their captivating interplay.

CD: Joerg Widmoser – Stephan Holstein Quintet presents The Music of Charlie Parker (Upsolute Music Records UMR 138, 2019)

„Beautiful individuality with an excellent taste….“
(Kresimir Debski)
“Never heard such a swingin violin, although he´s a white guy”
(Claude Williams)